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Peel back and drink: easy-serve delicious wine

Why Intrepid Fox?

The single-serve wine for events and venues

Intrepid Fox is an innovative range of three high-quality wines in our unique, single-serve wine glasses.

Intrepid Fox represents a revolution in wine drinking. The glasses are easy to carry and perfect for drinking on the go; whether it’s at a concert, a sporting event or on the train.

Why Intrepid Fox?

  1. They look, feel and weigh the same as an average 187ml glass of wine but they’re actually made from an amazing form of ‘super’ PET plastic that is completely shatter-proof and practically unbreakable.
  2. They are fully recyclable.
  3. They dramatically reduce the ‘serve time’ for a glass of wine – from, on average, 30 seconds out of a bottle, down to 3-4 seconds with Intrepid Fox.
  4. They have a shelf life of over a year.
  5. They are filled with high-quality wine expertly sourced by our award-winning Head Winemaker from carefully selected vineyards across Spain.
  6. They are easy to carry thanks to their aluminium-foil seal. You can even carry several in one hand – perfect for packed events, crowded bars and that long walk back at festivals.
  7. They offer more wine for your money. Sealed lids mean no spillages which means less wine on the floor and more in the glass.
  8. Produced and manufactured in the UK.