The story of Intrepid Fox…

The Story

Intrepid Fox was born from a desire to solve the issue of spilled drinks at the crowded bars that are common at many outdoor events. This drove the innovation of Intrepid Fox; a single-serve plastic glass designed to put an end to this wastage of good wine and hard-earned money.

In 2009 the Intrepid Fox concept was showcased on the BBC’s ‘Dragon’s Den’. Spotting Intrepid Fox on the show, Marks and Spencer were so impressed that they decided to invest in a range for their stores. Since then, many more retailers have come on board and Intrepid Fox is currently being sold all over the UK in theatres and cinemas; music festivals and sporting events – and many other locations besides.

The Winery

Intrepid Fox isn’t just about the innovation of the glass, it’s also about the quality of the wine and that’s where Lyme Bay Winery step in.

With over 15 years’ experience producing award-winning and internationally-recognised wines, the winemaking team at the Lyme Bay Winery are no strangers to distinguishing and establishing quality. It is their expertise and experience that ensures that Intrepid Fox is filled with only the highest quality white, red and rosé wine.